"Our Lutheran Church Visitor"

The “Lutheran Church Visitor” is a Southern Lutheran publication that ran from 1864 to 1919. It was printed in the heart of the Dutch Fork that featured area and world news, theological reflections, and advertisements ranging from the agricultural to the medicinal. Lutherans welcomed this publication in their homes as many times as twice a month as a valuable and reliable source of news, counsel, and entertainment.


We carry on the spirit of the historic newsletter with our Archival Survey column, “Our Lutheran Church Visitor”. Each issue will feature an interview with a Lutheran who will be, so to speak, a visitor in your home, and we are sharing the full interviews here. We hope that you enjoy this new project as much as we have.

Questionnaire / Interview with
the Rev. David Keck

Conducted by Shannon L. Smith

Crumley Archives

July 19, 2020

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