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Please consider supporting the Crumley Archives through our online donation host, "Tithely".  Once your donation has been received, you will receive a receipt from the Archives. 

Your donations are tax deductible.




Become a "Friend of the Archives"

Rev. Dr. Scott Hendrix Scholarship Fund

Thanks to the continuous generosity of our donors, the archives has remained an institution for more than 30 years.  Try our convenient online donation resource, "", or send your donation to:


Crumley Archives

4201 N. Main St

Columbia, S.C. 29203


Please submit any electronic queries here.


Archival Donations

Do you or your church have material that could benefit posterity and help preserve Lutheran history?  
Then please consider preserving it wit
h us.  Phone or write the archives to discuss your potential gift.

Deed of Gift



As a non-profit organization, we richly benefit from volunteers who have archival and library experience.  
Please consider your talents and let us know how you could help.

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