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Books for Sale


Bost, R., Norris, J. All One Body: The Story of the North Carolina Lutheran Synod. Salisbury, NC. Delmar Printing Co., 1994.


Cruse Jr., B. Union Churches in North Carolina: During the 

Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. Concord, NC. Privately published by

Bernard W. Cruse Jr., 2001.


Fisher, J. A String of Pearls. Eleazer Publishing, 2012.    


A History of the Lutheran Church in South Carolina 1971-1987. South Carolina Synod of the LCA. Prepared by Hisotry of the Synod Commission, (1988).


Reeves, T.S., Smith, S.L., The Salzburger Collection: A Catalogue. Columbia, SC, 2018.

Rothrock, S.The Samuel Rothrock Diaries 1834-1893 (Vol. I). Translated by Bernard W. Cruse, Jr. North Carolina Synod ELCA, 1988.


Rothrock, S.  The Samuel Rothrock Diaries 1834- 1893 (Vol. 2). Translated by Harriet A. Davidson. North Carolina Synod ELCA, 1999.