Friends of the Archives

Since the last issue of the Archival Survey the following friends have made gifts to us.  We are most grateful for these gifts which enable us  preserve our church's history and to assist researchers, congregations, and institutions in their work. Gifts  listed below arrived between November 29, 2021 and April 30,  2022.  Please advise if your name has been omitted.  If you  made an honorarium, please know that the person has been notified. Again,


Thank you, for your generosity. 


Ms. Annie Ruth Addy

The Rev. Susan Bame

Tom and Ina Berkey

Perry and Trudy Bouknight

Dr. & Mrs. Mack Branham, Jr.

Terry Clever

Sandra Cline

The Rev. Carl Fisher

Mary M. Flekke

The Rev. & Mrs. Keith  Gillikin

Virginia Herlong

Dr. Harvey Huntley, Jr.

Dr. Dorothy Jeffcoat

The Rev. David Keck, Sr.

John and Kristin Largen

Kenneth Marks

Ms. Jean McCormick

James and Carol Metts

Bill Oelkers

The Rev. John Pearson

The Rev. & Mrs. Donald Poole

The Rev. George Rhyne

Ms. Melba Shealy

Mark V. Smith 

Andrew and Shannon Smith

Ms. Mary Ann Spengler

Sister Marilyn Stauffer

Melinda Summer 

Larry Witmer

Edward Woodward

The Rev. Dr. & Mrs. Herman Yoos

Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Zeigler


Pastor Carl & Miriam Fisher

Mrs. Caroline W. Bridgers

Grace Lutheran, Oak Ridge, TN 75th Anniversary

Ms. Ruth Johnson Smiley

Grace Lutheran, Lakeland, FL 113th Anniverary

Mary Flekke

Sara Lineberger

Heber and Gloria Rast

Dr Susan McArver

The Rev. Dr. Wayne Kannaday and

      Dr. Helen Doerpinghaus

The Rev. & Mrs. Donald Poole

The Rev. Robert Loshuertos

David Rast & Paul Turner

Heber and Gloria Rast

St. Marks Lutheran, Roanoke, VA

George Kegley


The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. J. R. Crumley, Jr

Frances & John Holman

Mr. & Mrs. Clarence Pugh

Ms. Ruth Johnson Smiley

The Rev. Dr. J. R. Crumley, Jr

Russell Rinehart

The Rev. Dr. Carl Ficken

Dwayne & Catherine Fink

The Rev. & Mrs. Eric Fink

Ms. Carleen Fink

Ms. Anne H. Ficken

Mrs. Loretta H. Haigler

The Rev. Alvin Haigler, Sr

Mrs. Martha F. Haigler

Ms. Anne H. Ficken

Brigadier Gen (Ret) Janice Haigler

John & Frances Holman

Daniel and Jane Koon

The Rev. Robert Loshuertos

Bishop Kevin Strickland

The Rev. Dr. Richard Carl Hoefler

The Rev. & Mrs. William Trexler

 The Rev. Karl & Mrs. Esther Kinard

Porter & Memi Kinard

The Rev. Dr. Donald E. Woolly

Mrs. Judith R Woolly


Corinth Lutheran Church 

Holy Spirit Lutheran Church 

Thrivent Choice 

Mary Flekke

Dr. Harvely L.  Huntley, Jr.

The Rev. David Keck

The Rev. George L. Rhyne

Deacon James Johnson

The Hendrix Scholarship

The Rev. & Mrs. James Addy

Perry and Trudy Bouknight

The Rev. Marion W. Clark

The Rev Dr. & Mrs. Derald Edwards

Ms. Anne H. Ficken

Mary M. Flekke

The Rev. Richard Fritz

The Reverends Julian and Morgan Gordy

The Rev & Mrs. Ozzie Herlong

The Rev. Dr. Wayne Kannaday and

      Dr. Helen Doerpinghaus

The Rev. Robert Loshuertos

Heber and Gloria Rast

Shannon Smith

The Frankie San Project

The Rev. Jerome H. Bishop

The Rev. Robert Loshuertos

Partner Support

Florida Bahamas Synod, ELCA

Joint Ministries of Region 9

Lutheran Homes of SC

NC Synod, ELCA

Newberrry College

Novusway Ministries

SC Synod, ELCA

Seafarers International House

Southeastern Synod, ELCA

Virginia Synod, ELCA