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Godfrey Dreher's Statement, 1842

Written in Columbia, S.C.


The Thaddeus Boinest Journals



A class doodle of Thaddeus Boinest, 1849

The Diary of the Rev. Dr. Josiah Smeltzer

President of Newberry College, 1861-1877

Church Records and Miscellaneous Papers

Introductory matter

Baptisms: 1849-18531854-18591859-18791879-1884

Confirmations: 1849-1882

Marriages: 1848-1887

Deaths and Funerals: 1849-18601860-1887

Service Book (sermons): 1848-18511851-18551855-1858,                                                  1859-18651866-18741875-1887 

Family Records and Genealogy


Diary/Journal: 1851, 1852-18541854-18601860-1872  


                         Anne's Death (1885)

Personal Financials: Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4, Group 5,                                    Group 6, Group 7, Group 8Group 9

Smeltzer Papers

Volume 1:

Before Newberry College: Up to 1848 and no date 1848-1861

Newberry College (1861-1868)

Confederate and Civil War Papers

Wahalla Years: Catalogue (1869-1870)                                                                         Letters and Speeches (1868-1886)                                                       Female College (1877-1886)

                          Newberry Real Estate Documents

Deaths of Josiah and Anne Smeltzer

Volume 2:

Notes/Drafts/Comments on Sermons: Before 1872

                                                                After 1872


Poetry and Music


The Diaries of Arthur Julius Stirewalt, 1900-1968

NC Synod Pastor and Missionary to Japan

Finding Aid


Biographical Record United Evangelical Lutheran Church, Synod of North Carolina

Observations on American and Japanese Religion and Society, Notes Taken at Battle Creek

NC Synod News Release: Death of A.J. Stirewalt 


1900      1901      1902      1903a      1903b     1904a     1904b      1905a     1905b     1905c   1905d     1906a     1906b     1906c     1906d     1907a     1907b     1907c     1907d     1908a   1908b     1908c     1908d   1909a      1909b      1909c      1909d      1910a      1910b        1911a      1911b     1912a      1912b      1912c      1912d      1913a      1913b      1914a      1914b      1914c      1915a      1915b      1916a      1916b    

The Journals of Rev. John P. Margart, 1816-1901
Click here to view the finding aid to his collection
Many of the documents below are transcriptions.  
Original documents are preserved at the Crumley Archives.

Sponsored by Mr. Roy Wise
Te Deum Laudamus
Sponsored by the Rev. George Brookover, class of 1966
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These manuscripts are maintained at the James R. Crumley Jr. Archives.  All rights are reserved.  

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